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Drivers can rely on our Nissan dealership when you're looking for a simple approach to auto financing. Loving Nissan is proud to be one of the leading Nissan dealerships in East Texas and we are committed to being your Nissan dealership in Woodville, Tyler, and beyond. Our vast inventory includes the roomy, feature-filled Nissan Altima, the powerful, refined, Nissan Maxima, and the economical and safe Nissan Rogue, just to name a few. Once you've chosen your ideal car, truck, or SUV from Loving Nissan, your next decision involves how you'll pay for it. Our seasoned financial advisors will be happy to discuss all the options available to our Lufkin, Tyler, and Woodville, TX customers for buying or leasing. Both are effective ways to get a new car, but which method you choose really boils down to your personal situation and lifestyle. The finance team at Loving Nissan will go over all aspects of the plans you qualify for to make sure you get the best one for your budget. When you're looking to get behind the wheel of our latest new or used Nissan car, SUV, or truck, drivers can rely on our multiple auto financing options to get you behind the wheel on your select vehicle. There are definite advantages inherent in both buying and leasing. Read on to find out more about both financing processes.

Advantages of Leasing

If your biggest concern is getting lower monthly payments, and you're okay with switching cars every three years or so, leasing a new Nissan car, truck, or SUV may be your best option. With a Nissan lease, you:

  • Have lower monthly payments with little or no down payment makes it possible for you to drive a newer or bigger vehicle at a lower cost.
  • Can drive a better car for less money, and pay less sales tax.
  • Have lower repair costs because you are under the vehicle's included factory warranty.
  • Can more easily transition to a new car every two or three years.
  • Don't have kind of trade-in hassles at the end of the lease.

Advantages of Buying

If you'd rather keep the same car for a while, it may be a better idea to purchase a new Nissan and hold on to it for as long as it's reliable. Once your car loan is paid off, you can keep the vehicle and you'll no longer make payments. By purchasing your vehicle, you:

  • Can customize their new model with parts, accessories, body paint, and more.
  • Can save money over the long term.
  • Can drive the vehicle as much as you like. There's no excess mileage penalty or wear-and-tear charges.
  • Have more flexibility, since you can sell the car whenever you want.
  • Can sell your vehicle or use the car as a trade-in on the next vehicle you buy.

Leasing Cons:

  • You don't own your vehicle at the end of the lease, though you will have the option to buy.
  • You can't modify your vehicle with any accessories or upgrades that may damage it.
  • Drivers may experience mileage caps or wear-and-tear charges while leasing their vehicle and may have to purchase more miles if necessary.

Buying Cons:

  • Drivers can expect higher upfront costs to avoid owing more than what the car is worth.
  • You're responsible for all service charges once your warranty expires.
  • Owners could potentially experience frustrating trade-in and selling hassles when you're trying to purchase your next vehicle.

Visit Our Financing Team in Lufkin TX

The financing method you choose is determined by what best suits your long-term plans. Leasing can be a less expensive option on a month-to-month basis, but you can't do modifications to a car you're leasing, and you have less flexibility on mileage and re-sale. If you want a luxury car for business, a lease may enable you to have a better car for less money, and it may make for a good tax write-off. But you can't re-sell or trade-in a leased car, since you don't own it. Our Sales professionals can work with you to determine whether applying for an auto loan or lease is right for you. Whether they decide to buy or lease, people in the Tyler, Woodville, and Lufkin areas can trust the helpful staff at Loving Nissan to get them the best Nissan financing plan possible on a new car, truck, or SUV. We look forward to getting you in to explore our latest Nissan inventory near you. Come see us today!

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