Air Conditioning Service - Lufkin, TX


As you drive into your upcoming plans, maintaining your air conditioning system is integral to maintaining your comfort, no matter the weather outside. Professional evaluations of your air conditioner can help spot issues before they become a major headache. That's why the service technicians at Loving Nissan are committed to providing professional service for your Nissan. Our team is proud to serve our Lufkin, Livingston, and Nacogdoches neighbors! Head over to your local Nissan dealership service department for your evaluation today! 

Your first question may be "how frequently should I have my air conditioner serviced"? While there is no standard for all vehicles to follow, your first step should be consulting your car, truck, or SUV's manual for manufacturer recommendations. 

There are a few warning signs you can look out for that will let you know if your vehicle needs an air conditioner system evaluation. Indicators that you may want to schedule a service appointment for your car's air conditioning include:

  • Coolant stains appearing beneath your vehicle

  • Moldy or strange smell in your car cabin

  • Water leaks into your car

  • Strange sound coming from your air conditioner when it's running

  • Air conditioner no longer cooling your vehicle as efficiently as it did before

  • Dirt, debris, or damage visible on your air conditioner compressor

  • Air conditioner blowing hot air because of blocked air flow, refrigerant loss, or broken or worn parts

Are you ready to drive into all of your travel plans with confidence in Lufkin, Texas? Head over to the Loving Nissan service department today and let our dedicated service technicians help you keep your air conditioning system running smoothly all year long. Visit us at 1433 S Medford Dr, Lufkin, TX 75901 or give us a call at (936) 634-4488 to schedule your service appointment today. Our service department is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM, and Saturday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM. Don't forget to head over to our service coupons page to learn about how you can save on maintenance for your vehicle.