Proper brake maintenance is vital to ensuring safety for you and your passengers during your travels. From brake pads to brake fluid, there are a variety of elements to your vehicle's braking system that require diligent maintenance in order for your vehicle to function properly. The professional service technicians at the local Nissan dealership near you in Lufkin, Texas, are here to help you with all of your service needs. The service team at Loving Nissan is proud to serve our Rusk, Tyler, and Livingston neighbors. It is recommended that drivers should have their brake system evaluated at least once per year. We invite you to schedule your next brake evaluation at Loving Nissan today!

Ensuring your brakes are working correctly and being replaced regularly won't only save you money in the long run, but also has the potential to save your vehicle or your life in an accident. Brake pads play a vital role in your vehicle's braking system. The brake pad sits between the brake shoe and brake drum. The absence of properly functioning brake pads can cause other elements of your vehicle, such as rotors, calipers, and discs to wear away. Brake pad maintenance can help you avoid more costly repairs and unsafe driving conditions.

Each time your vehicle's brakes are engaged, small amounts of wear and tear are occurring on your brake pads. Whether your brake pads are metallic, ceramic, or organic, this friction causes small amounts of protective coating to wear away from the brake pad. This deterioration begins to add up over time, making your brake pads thinner and thinner, leading to the need to eventually replace them.

In addition to an annual brake system evaluation, there are a number of warning signs to be aware of in order to spot trouble with your brakes, including:

  • Brake pedal seems to press farther to the floor than usual, responds slowly, or require excess pressure

  • Vehicle requires further distances to stop than is usual

  • Unusual vibrations or noises when braking

  • Vehicle pulling to the right or left when braking

  • Steering wheel shaking

  • Grinding, squeaking, or squealing brakes

  • Vehicle pulsating or wobbling when driving at highway speeds

Beyond brake pad issues, brake fluid can become contaminated over time as moisture builds up. As most braking components contain copper, the additional moisture can begin the erosion process for these copper components. These eroding components can cause a build-up of particles in the brake fluid, affecting the performance of your brakes. This also has the potential to damage your braking system. Brake bleeding can be necessary if air gets into your brake fluid line. Air can be introduced to your brake fluid line by a leak, having work done on your brakes, or overrunning of the master cylinder.

A brake inspection for your vehicle should include:

  • Measurement of front and rear brake pad wear

  • Brake fluid test

  • Measurement of rotor wear

  • Parking/emergency brake inspection

  • Measurement of drum wear


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