Our shopping tool makes it easy to Calculate Your Loan or Lease Payments, Value Your Trade-In and Apply for Financing, all in one place! Save time at the dealership by using our online tool to submit and receive all your info at once!

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How Loving Express Lane Works:

Our Loving Express Lane service makes it easy for you to calculate your full financing options on your next new Nissan vehicle!

  1. Factory and Dealership incentives are automatically applied and displayed.
  2. Select additional applicable incentives to calculate your discount (ex. Military or College Grad Offer).
  3. Enter your trade in information to get our best offer. Trading up to a New Nissan could be much more affordable than you're already anticipating!
  4. Request a Test Drive. We're easy, so don't feel locked in to an exact time!
  5. Enter your Zip code to calculate taxes and fees.
  6. Save time by entering your information to see if you prequalify for credit approval before even visiting our dealership!
  7. We'll look forward to seeing you soon!
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Our user-friendly Loving Express Lane tool is designed to save you time by displaying loan or lease payment options, offering a trade-in valuation, and getting you pre-qualified for a new car loan or financing! It's designed with you in mind, so you can have an even quicker and more enjoyable experience at our Nissan dealership. Once you share your preferred contact information with us,  we can get in touch with you and send you our best offer! We look forward to following up with you after you fill out your info on our Loving Express Lane tool!