Some tires last a lot longer than others, as different brands provide varying levels of quality. Regardless, your car's tires only last so long. All that driving on Lufkin roads and highways affects the tires' condition. So does the weather, which can be unkind. So, you must be on the lookout for signs the tires are in bad shape and have to be replaced.

Two main issues to check are tread depth and the sidewall's condition. You can use a penny to check the tread depth. If you see the top of Abe Lincoln's head, the treads are too low, and the tire is unsafe. As for the sidewall, check it for web-like cracks. Cracks are not good.

Look for defects on the tires. Blisters and strange treadwear patterns aren't signs of a healthy tire. Those tires must go, too.

At Loving Nissan, our service team could check the tires out. The team can also replace worn ones if necessary.


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