Is Touch-Up Paint Right for Your Car's Scratches?

Seeing a scratch on your car can ruin the whole day. Thoughts of paying lots of money for a cosmetic fix may run through your mind. Will it? If the scratch or imperfection isn't too bad, applying a little touch-up paint may be enough to fix things. Follow the right steps, though.

Two necessary steps are vital. First, choose the factory color code for the vehicle. You positively much match the color. Second, prep the surface. Clean the surface and use 220 grit to scuff the scratch. Don't overdo it with sanding, as you don't want to make things worse. After performing a second cleaning, apply the mixed touch-up paint. Follow all directions on the packaging about how to do so.

Be aware that touch-up paint isn't right for deep scratches, pits, and serious dents. Visit a collision garage for severe imperfections.

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