The Nissan Titan XD is renowned for its power, versatility and longevity. Loving Nissan offers this full-size pickup truck with the King Cab and two other cabs. Under the hood, this heavy-duty car in Lufkin offers two gas engines and a six-speed auto transmission.

Shown on a 7-inch touch screen, the Titan XD's Connected Search application helps you find dining, entertainment and other business options within a specified distance. Need creative ideas for a family trip? Use the Journey Planner for extra guidance. The Destination Assistance function also transfers information from your mobile device to the Nissan Door to Door Navigation system. Some of the most advanced electronic concierge services are readily available in the NissanConnect Services. Android users will love the easy access to Google Assistant. If you admire Amazon's technology, you'll interact with Alexa during a commute or road trip. Traditional Bluetooth integration supplements the virtual assistants in this Nissan pickup truck.



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