At Loving Nissan, we want you to be informed about your vehicle and the accessories that are available for it. Many of these things, like roof racks, can help make your travel easier. If you are going to use a roof rack, you need to know how to install it and use it properly.

When installing the roof rack, be sure to get the right size. You should measure the distance between your crossbars and the distance between the front and back of the roof of your car. You don’t want the roof rack to hang over the windshield and interfere with your driving.

Make sure the luggage rack is securely attached to the rails on top of your vehicle. Follow the directions in the product manual to ensure you are installing the rack and using it properly. Place your luggage or belongings in a waterproof bag or wrapped in a tarp to protect them from the elements. Use straps to secure the luggage to the racks before driving in Lufkin.


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