When you make the commitment to buy a vehicle, you should receive something that comes with technology features that keep up with the modern world. With the Nissan Rogue Sport available at Loving Nissan, you’ll have some of the best technology features that will come in handy while driving in Lufkin or less-familiar parts.

The Advanced Drive-Assist Display can show you notifications that will help you stay out of harm’s way on the road. To monitor your set speed and the distance between you and the next vehicle ahead better, the Pro Pilot Assist is included with this feature. Turn-by-turn directions can also be provided so that you never get lost.

To make driving even safer during your test drive or while performing your errands, the ProPilot Assist feature is in play to help you stay more centered in your lane instead of drifting too far one way or the other. In addition to helping you maintain a safer distance from the vehicles ahead of you, this feature can monitor your blind spots and apply emergency braking automatically when danger is detected.



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