A 3.7 L V6 engine block propels the agile Nissan 370Z, a coupe that's available for test drives at Loving Nissan. This gasoline-burning powertrain yields just more than 330 net horsepower. Having the Nismo-tuned design, the modified 3.7 L V6 engine delivers up to 350 peak hp. A twin-intake system is standard in this sporty coupe. Combustion is also initiated by iridium-tipped spark plugs and a direct ignition system.

The sleek 370Z is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission that's enhanced by the exclusive EXEDY clutch. This mechanical installation significantly reduces the strain on the gearbox and the pedal. You'll see the performance metrics of the powertrain and transmission on the SynchroRev Match display that's installed in the instrument cluster. When you change gears, you'll hear distinct beeping sounds in the dashboard. Additionally, this fast Nissan roadster is available with a seven-speed auto transmission that has several custom modes for a dynamic ride on any road.



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