Mufflers Explained

As a car owner you know that you need to keep up on routine maintenance to make sure your car is safe and lasts a long time. With so many parts and systems to keep track of one area that often is overlooked is the car exhaust and muffler. Below are some answers to your exhaust and muffler questions:
  • Muffler- The muffler on a car is responsible for reducing the amount of noise coming from the exhaust system. (
  • Exhaust System- The exhaust system is a set of pipes that keep burnt gas (exhaust) away from the car engine. Exhaust pipes are important because they carry hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides away from the car's driver and passengers. (
  • Single or Dual Exhaust- Exhaust systems are either single or dual, most cars are single exhaust meaning they use only one muffler, dual mufflers are usually found on high-performance cars and they use two mufflers. (
At Loving Nissan, we understand the routine maintenance is important to the life of your vehicle and the safety of your family. If you have any questions about your car’s muffler or exhaust come visit our Lufkin location and speak with one of our experts.
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