The Reasons Your Car Tire Pressure Matters

When the pressure in the car tires is in the recommended range, it helps to improve your ride and extend the overall life of the tire tread. Here's what happens when the pressure is too high or low.

If you are driving around with low tire pressure, too much of the tread is meeting the road now. This not only increases the friction, it increases the heat which can reduce the life of the tires. Now the car is more difficult to handle too because too much tread is on the highway at higher speeds.

When driving with too much air pressure in the car tires, the tire is riding more on the center of the tire. This can cause the center of the tire tread to begin wearing faster, significantly reducing the life of the tires.

When you schedule your car tire rotations at Loving Nissan, it gives our team a chance to get eyes on the condition of the tires more often too.
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