Facts You Need To Know About Transmission Fluid

Do you know how many fluids your car system has? Your car has many fluids that help it in its daily operation. As the driver you need the basic knowledge of their functioning, levels and when it's time to change. Failure to know this can cause more problems to your car that could be prevented early.

Transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid facilitates gearshift, lubricates and cools the transmission system. However, this fluid deteriorates with time. Heaving tasks like trailer towing and hauling heavy loads raise the transmission temperatures and put the transmission and under stress making the fluid deteriorate faster. Transmission oil is usually red in color but also comes in other different shades. You should have the transmission system often checked if you drive under high-stress conditions. It can then be changed, and any dirt in the system flushed out. The color of the transmission fluid becomes darker as it deteriorates.

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