What's the advantage of windshield wiper fluid over water?

There are good reasons why windshield wiper fluid is preferential to simply using water in your windshield washer system. The choice, however, is completely up to you. We at Loving Nissan want you to make an informed decision nevertheless.

Water freezes, which will cause the whole system to stop working until it thaws. While driving in Lufkin, you may encounter temperatures below freezing, so windshield wiper fluid will work much better for you. Wiper fluid is designed to lubricate your system when it's not being used while water tends to stay dirtier when it isn't frozen.

Wiper fluid also contains solvents and detergents that help clean bug remains and road grime. Water will help, but it stands a better chance of leaving smears on the glass. The short-term advantage of water is its low cost. But it could cost more in repairs in the long run. Please enjoy a safe drive.
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