Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Can Really Get You Out Of A Jam

When you are in a spot that you really need it, your windshield wiper fluid is your best friend

If you have ever been driving in the direction of the setting sun with a windshield full of bug guts and road dust, then you know how valuable it can be. The sun hits all that stuff in your field of vision and lights it up, effectively blocking your view of the road ahead. Having a good set of wipers in this scenario is good, but without a reservoir full of washer fluid, the wipers alone can almost do more harm than good. If you can't get it washed off, then it will just smear and further block your view.

So if it has been a while since you last topped off your car, truck, or SUV with windshield wiper fluid then bring it into our service center here at Loving Nissan and let us make sure that you have what you need under the hood.

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