Bald Tires are a Winter Driving Hazard

Tread depth is an important factor when determining if you need new tires. You should check your tires periodically for wear and tear that could make driving unsafe. Follow these tips for winter tire safety.

The tread on your car's tires wears down with use. If you drive a lot for work or long distances, check your tires every 3 months and give them the "penny test." Insert a penny into the groove on the tire with the head facing down. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, you need to replace your tires. All-weather tires will work fine in areas where it is relatively dry and doesn't snow much. Snow tires are recommended in areas that get heavy snow or where roads get slick and icy.

Stop by the service department at Loving Nissan and get a new set of tires and have them installed while you wait.

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